“ I've realized therapy is
incredibly therapeutic. ”

~ Lisa Schroeder, I Heart You, You Haunt Me ~

“ Every person in therapy
has a love disorder. ”

~ John Dufresne, Love Warps the Mind a Little ~


“ A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. ” ~ Proverbs 25:11 ~

The difference between Psychotherapy and Medical treatment:


If you change nothing. Nothing will change!

Sometimes we expect a psychotherapist to treat us the same way a medical doctor does. You, the patient, go to your doctor, present your body and your symptoms and he diagnoses your condition and prescribes proper treatment. Maybe you require medication or surgery. He puts you in the hospital. He operates on you.  You take your medication, rest properly and soon you’re much better, and eventually recover.

Learning to be a happy, adjusted, productive and attractive person cannot be done for you in this way. Your therapist can’t do it for you. He or she can’t push a button and presto, you’re no longer depressed or anxious.

It requires hard work on your part to be happy. That is why homework assignments are very important.

If homework assignments are not done, change is difficult, because nothing is happening in the interim period between sessions.

Change cannot be facilitated by only one single session of 50 minutes per week. Change is a continuous process. You spend only one hour a week on your healing process with your therapist. For the remaining 167 hours in that week, you have you do what you can do (homework assignments) to speed up the healing process. Otherwise therapy is going to be very slow, and time consuming.

The international renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Yapko wrote:

“A depressed client – any client – can defeat a clinician’s best intentions and efforts merely by doing nothing. We as mental health professionals are not very difficult to beat.”

Michael D. Yapko: Treating Depression With Hypnosis. P. 61