“ It’s choice, not chance
that determines your destiny ”

~ Jean Nidetch ~

“ Everything you can imagine, is real ”
~ Pablo Picasso ~


To me it is very important that you receive the best service for your needs and that is why I would like to bring a few points to your attention. It is extremely important for our process, for you to read every point carefully.

1. General points

I would first like to make a few general points in order for you to gain the most from therapy:

a. You don’t have to be referred by somebody like your General Practitioner. You can come for therapy out of own choice.

b. The atmosphere here is informal and we are using first name terms.

c. You are determining to a great extent the course of therapy. I will let you lead the way. This also means that you will manage the time. From time to time I will make suggestions. However, should you want to do hypnosis in a session, we need at least a half an hour.

d. We will spend the first session to investigate the problem. I need to get a perspective on the problem, and you may not benefit necessarily from the first session. I will never do hypnosis or any therapeutic intervention in a first session, except for smokers who want to quit smoking. Please refer to my article on smoking.

e. The duration of a session is approximately 50 minutes. You will notice that you will pay on the scale for 40 to 50 minutes. The session thus lasts from the hour to 10 minutes before the next hour. Should you be late for your appointment, we will have to try to fit in the whole session in the time remaining. Should I be late, then I have a problem!

f. Cell phones should preferably be switched off, or put on silent, especially when we do hypnosis. The ringing of a phone can cause the most irritation for you.

g. It is impossible to determine how long therapy will last. On average I am working between 4 and 8 sessions with a client. Your problem might be more or less complicated and it might influence the amount of sessions we may need. From my side I undertake to work as quickly and effectively as possible to save time and costs.

h. I am seeing my clients normally on a weekly basis, since it takes the subconscious mind seven days to integrate the work of a session. We will ontly know after seven days what the effect of the previous session was.

i. Clients usually know instinctively when to terminate therapy. You will know when we have reached the end of our sessions. Hypnosis will help you to get in touch with your gut-feeling to know when we have reached the end of therapy. Hypnosis will help you to get in touch with your feelings, and to know instinctively when we have reached the end of therapy. I will never suggest if you need more sessions or not. I will never tell you if you need more sessions or not. You will just know instinctively. You can improve yourself ad infinitum as a human being, and I love your money. It suits me perfectly if you need more sessions! You will just know, without being able to explain it, whether you need more sessions or not.

j. Therapy is a relationship. I really want you to be as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to ask or to complain about anything that makes you feel uncertain or uncomfortable.

k. You will never be judged. You will just be understood. A psychologist is not a judge, but somebody who wants to understand you and where you are coming from. You will only be judged by an incompetent psychologist.

2. Therapeutic orientation

This practice follows an eclectic orientation. This means that all disciplines in the psychology are used, depending on your needs.

In this practice the focus is on more alternative therapies. You can read more about this on my website www.jorganharris.co.za. Please feel free to ask me about this.

I am especially making use of modern, quick and effective therapeutic systems to get the best results in the fewest sessions possible. Please feel free to read more about Clinical Hypnosis, BWRT, NLP, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, EcCT and EFT on my website.

3. Ethical code

I have a great responsibility towards you as my client. Psychologists are subjected to a strict ethical code that has been established by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). This code guarantees you, the client, professional and ethical behaviour from myself at all times. Should I not comply with this code, you can report me to the Council. A copy of the code is available at our receptionist.

One aspect, which is of great importance, is the aspect of confidentiality. All information given to me by you will be kept strictly confidential. I may only disclose information about yourself should you give me written permission to do so. I may not even disclose information to your spouse, parents or children without your written consent.

The only exception however, is when an emergency situation occurs and I have to release information for your safety or the safety of someone else. Should I have to disclose certain information on your behalf, I will do so with responsibility. The court may also force me to supply information. We normally do this under protest and even then we will only supply necessary information and still try to protect you.

4. Accounts

This is most often the unpleasant part of therapy. Money can sometimes hamper the therapeutic process.

I want to draw your attention to the following important points:

a) Accounts are levied according to prescriptions of the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF). This practice is thus contracted in and medical aid tariffs are levied. If you don’t belong to a Medical Aid, private tariffs will be levied. The private tariff for 2015 – 2016, is R600 per session.

b) Accounts are submitted electronically to the Medical Scheme and they compensate this practice directly.

c) Although we are making use of the latest technology to inform you immediately when your funds are depleted, it would be appreciated if you could get in touch with your Medical Scheme and find out what your annual limit is. Many clients have been shocked when they discovered that their benefits have been exhausted and then they sit with a large outstanding account. It is your responsibility to find out what your Medical Aid benefits are.

d) Should your benefits be exhausted, please feel free to enquire about our special tariffs that are applicable for clients who want to pay privately.


f) We are however also human, and will understand should emergencies out of your control emerge and the appointment needs to be cancelled. It may happen that another client can make use of your cancelled appointment, you won’t be responsible for the account.

g) Should you forget about or don’t show for your appointment you will be responsible for the account.

h) Interest will be charged on outstanding accounts, because your outstanding accounts will cause me to pay interest on my outstanding accounts!

i) Should you not show up for your appointment, you might end up on the bottom of the waiting list.

5. Finally

It is important that you gain the best from these sessions. Should you have any questions or issues regarding therapy that you may find problematic, please feel free to discuss it with me. It can be extremely contra-productive for therapy if you are unhappy or if there is distrust.

I trust that therapy will be an experience of growth for you in the development of your human-being. My wish for you is to discover how easy it is to really live.